Radiation Safety Equipment Registration – 3-step process!!

Victorian Government Department of Health – Radiation Safety – (DHHS) requirements to purchase and operate radiation apparatus

In order to purchase, install and operate irradiating apparatus the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Apply for and obtain a management licence from the Department of Health Victoria. This can be applied for online – Application for a new management licence Follow instructions from there. This can be done immediately as it does not apply to specific equipment but is required in order to purchase equipment.
  2. If a management licence is already issued then DHHS will need to be notified of the new location. Application to vary or transfer a management licence
  3. Once the management licence has been approved AND paid for application can be made for registration of the x-ray unit. This can be done on line via: Notification of acquisition or disposal of a radiation source

Management licences which authorise possession or disposal of a radiation source have a condition which requires the holder to notify the Department within 14 days of taking possession or disposing of a radiation source which their licence authorises the acquisition or disposal of that source.

It should be noted that registration of the x-ray unit is a mandatory requirement prior to use of that x-ray unit, and is also a requirement under LSPN regulations where applicable.

It is therefore advisable to apply for registration of the x-ray unit and arrange compliance testing as soon as practicable. Obtaining the reference number (registration) of the x-ray unit can be done as soon as the equipment details are known, ie, make, model and serial number – this information would be available from the equipment supplier(s) once the order is placed.

In this way the DHHS reference number will be available prior to compliance testing and commencement of clinical use. This will also satisfy the requirements for LSPN variation.

RadTest can assist in this process by providing a radiation shielding design report for submission to DHHS with the application to vary the management licence. Please contact Emily for a quote. Please click on the link below for a list of requirements for shielding reports.

RadTest Radiation Shielding Reports