New equipment will need to be added to your Radiation Management Licence. To do this, you will need a shielding assessment for your new room.
RadTest Australia can provide this, please contact us for further information.

You will need a shielding assessment for your clinic, and a Radiation Management Plan. Once you have approval from your state regulator, you can install your equipment and RadTest Australia can provide the final certificate of compliance. Please speak to our compliance team about booking this in.

RadTest Australia can check your documentation and advise on your authorisation status, you will require certificates of compliance for medical imaging equipment prior to clinical use, you should be able to book this with RadTest in 1-2 weeks.

Please contact the RadTest Australia team, you may also need to complete your equipment registration using the notification of acquisition online smart form, and you will most likely need a radiation compliance inspection on your X-ray unit.

Please contact us for your free, handy reference guide.

Yes! It is a mandatory requirement that all new X-ray equipment receives a compliance test, and the certificate must be issued, prior to clinical use. RadTest Australia can help with all your compliance certification needs.

A radiation management plan documents how you safety control any potential radiation hazards in your workplace. You may need this prior to applying to vary your management licence.

Radiation Registration Process – To register new X-ray equipment, you will need a radiation shielding report to determine how to safely fit-out your room, prior to installation of new X-ray equipment.

You will need a shielding assessment for your new room and evidence from your builder that the shielding has been, or will be, installed.

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