Radiation shielding for medical x-ray facilities

RadTest Australia was established in 1998 by Stephen Crosling to provide a radiation safety consultancy service to the medical imaging profession and health practitioners using medical x-rays in the course of their work. RadTest Australia is a Melbourne based company, now operating Australia-wide, specialising in the medical imaging industry and has been in business since 1998. The company director, Stephen Crosling, has over 30 years experience in radiation safety and legislative regulatory requirements. RadTest Australia’s licensed inspectors use state of the art non-invasive test instruments for:
  • Certificate of Compliance inspections
  • Commissioning and acceptance testing
  • RANZCR / NATA accreditation testing
  • RANZCR mammography (MQAP) accreditation testing
  • Regulatory compliance testing
  • Radiation shielding design and compliance inspection
  • Post damage and / or post preventative maintenance service inspection
RadTest Australia can conduct these inspections and provide the necessary documentation. RadTest Australia’s inspectors are licensed or accredited in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia, as well as ACPSEM Mammography Equipment Testing accredited. All inspections are conducted in accordance with regulatory or accreditation protocols. Accreditation inspections will satisfy the requirements of the pre-registration compliance inspection.
RadTest Australia also provides a radiation shielding design service working with architects, builders and project managers to calculate the radiation shielding requirements for medical x-ray facilities.