Radiation Equipment Compilance Testing

The use of ionizing radiation involves hazards particularly when used inappropriately or unnecessarily. In order to protect the health and safety of all persons (and the environment) from the harmful effects of radiation the testing of prescribed radiation sources against declared radiation safety standards must be performed.
Radiation safety testing can be performed for acceptance and/or commissioning of new installations, post service calibration checks, or mandatory pre-registration compliance inspection. All inspections are performed using state of the art non-invasive test equipment and conducted in accordance with the relevant regulatory protocols.
All reports are forwarded to the client and the appropriate statutory authority notified. All work is carried out by accredited and licensed inspectors.

Radiation Safety Act 2005 – Victoria

The legislation (Radiation Safety Act 2005) passed by the Victorian Parliament stipulates that as from September 2007 a compliance inspection of certain categories of x-ray units prior to registration will be mandatory in the State of Victoria. This means that prior to the registration of new x-ray apparatus, or the renewal of registration of existing x-ray apparatus, a radiation safety compliance inspection will be required. A Certificate of Compliance will be required in conjunction with the application for (or renewal of) registration.
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Certificate of Compliance Inspection Program

As prescribed by the Victorian Radiation Regulations 2007 the following types of equipment will require a Certificate of Compliance prior to registration.
The Certificate of Compliance will only be issued following a prescribed radiation safety inspection of the x-ray unit which must pass all requirements (100%) of the applicable Radiation Safety Standard.
These mandatory inspections must be conducted by an accredited tester and will be required on the following basis:
Equipment Frequency
CT scanners and mammography units Annually
General X-ray units and Fluoroscopy/Screening units Every two years
Mobile X-ray units and Mobile Image Intensifiers Every two years
All inspections will be conducted in accordance with the Victorian Radiation Safety Standards or with the applicable protocols in other States.

Other States

X-Ray Compilance Testing


All Breast screen sites and RANZCR accredited diagnostic mammography sites are required to have an MQAP (Mammographer Quality Assurance Program) annual assessment. This assessment is conducted in accordance with the ACPSEM Mammography Equipment Testing Standards and the report is issued on the prescribed format.
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