Radiation Equipment Compilance Testing

Protecting the health and safety of all patients, health professionals and the environment

RadTest Australia – Minimising the hazards of radiation equipment since 1998

To protect the health and safety of all persons (and the environment) from the harmful effects of radiation, the testing of prescribed radiation sources against declared radiation safety standards must be performed. Our clients trust our accredited and licensed inspectors to do this critical task for them with minimum disruption to their clients and staff.

RadTest Australia conducts radiation safety testing for acceptance and/or commissioning of new installations, and mandatory ongoing compliance testing.

All inspections are performed using state of the art non-invasive test equipment and conducted in accordance with the relevant regulatory protocols.

We provide all reports in real time to our clients, (provided there are no items requiring follow up) and forward them to appropriate statutory authority for regulatory notification.

Our approved testers are accredited in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, ACT, South Australia and Northern Territory, as well as ACPSEM, RANZCR, MQAP Mammography Equipment testing accredited.

Compliance Testing For New & Existing Equipment


We perform mandatory compliance testing as required by each state-based regulator for all new and existing X-ray apparatus. A Certificate of Compliance will only be issued following a prescribed radiation safety inspection of the X-ray unit which must pass all requirements (100%) of the applicable Radiation Safety Standard.

Registration Of New Equipment

If you are planning to purchase or already have new equipment, as per the legislation, you require authorisation to install and operate new radiation equipment. RadTest Australia provides the critical Shielding Assessment Report as per the requirements of the applicable regulatory authority for the purchase, installation and operation of radiation equipment.


If you need our help for shielding design and reporting, you can find details to our shielding services here

Once you have authorisation for the installation of the equipment, RadTest Australia will complete the necessary compliance testing so you can operate the equipment and go about the business of helping patients.


For more detailed information, or if you have any questions about the equipment authorisation and registration process, or compliance testing, visit the Victorian Department of Health website below




You can also view our registration process resources page that maps out the process for you if you are unsure.

We also provide our clients when they come onboard with a comprehensive checklist to follow to make sure they have completed all the necessary steps before we perform compliance testing.

Victoria- Existing Equipment Compliance Testing

What equipment is included in the Victorian compliance testing schedules?

As prescribed by the Victorian Radiation Regulations 2017, the following types of equipment will require a Certificate of Compliance prior to registration and according to the following schedule to remain registered for use.


Frequency (years)

CT scanners and mammography units
General X-ray units and Fluoroscopy/Screening units
Every two years

Mobile X-ray units and Mobile C-arm units (mobile theatre fluoroscopic X-ray)

Every two years

Australian Compliance Testing Frequency (years) per state/territory

Here is the frequency of testing for different types of equipment across Australia:
General X-ray2253212 (from 2025)n/a- on install only
Fluoroscopy22212 (1C-arm)12 (from 2024)n/a- on install only
Fluoroscopy + X-ray2221212 (from 2024)n/a- on install only
CT1221212 (from 2024)n/a- on install only
Mammography1111111 (from 2025)n/a- on install only
Dental (intra-oral/OPG/CBCT)(exempt)453325 (from 2026)n/a- on install only
BMD(exempt)451(exempt)15 (from 2026)n/a- on install only
Veterinary X-ray(exempt)4
53(exempt)2On install onlyn/a- on install only
We keep in contact with our clients to ensure they are compliant with testing schedules for their existing equipment which gives them peace of mind.

Mammography Equipment Screening

RadTest Australia is also accredited to conduct MQAP (Mammography Quality Assurance Program) mandatory assessments.

All BreastScreen sites and RANZCR accredited mammography sites are required to have an MQAP annual assessment. This assessment is conducted in accordance with the ACPSEM Mammography Equipment Testing Standards, and the report is issued on the prescribed format. For more detailed information or if you have any questions, please visit the RANZCR website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the previous certificate of compliance is no longer valid, so you must organise a new compliance inspection, prior to clinical use, and notify Dept. of Health Radiation Safety section of the new tube serial no.

It varies from state to state, you can contact the regulator in your local state or territory or check our handy guide here

The time will vary depending on the type of unit, its location with your clinic, etc. We will let you know specific time allowances at the time of booking. We will also provide a detailed quote for your compliance testing, prior to attending your site.

Yes, we have testers who are licenced in Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, ACT, South Australia and the Northern Territory

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